About Us

We pride ourselves on having created a unique ethos which is practised throughout our communities and which forms the basis for our person specification qualities. These are warmth, genuineness, integrity, honesty, commitment, experience, knowledge, compassion, the ability to celebrate diversity, humour, empathy and respect for others.

This translates itself within our homes into warm caring people (members of staff) who are able to give time and patience and unconditional care to the children and young people they care for and who diligently embrace all aspects of their work. This in turn translates as staff who value clean, tidy and cosy surroundings, who are adept at creating a family atmosphere, for example, wearing slippers and who are able to safely enter the child or young person’s world so that children and young people in turn feel safe, valued and well cared for. We are able to maintain our homes free of any jargon so that when children and young people move on with their futures they fit more confidently and easily into their chosen lifestyle.

Finally, we believe that children and young people who have had confusing, traumatic and tumultuous experiences value structure, peace and practical care as well as a place and time to heal.

"I cannot praise the home too highly. Both staff and managers are always ready to talk to me, and keep me fully informed of any developments. They have shown real interest in, and concern about a young person and his future."
Social Worker 2013